WatchPitch Privacy Channel Onboarding

WordPress Sites

For Clients who are on WordPress:  WordPress Plugin

  • WatchPitch will create a specific shortcode Plugin for the client
  • This shortcode will be delivered to the client allowing for their private channel content to be displayed on a page of the client’s choice
      [watchpitch publish_code=34 username=APIUSERNAME apikey=”API KEY”][/watchpitch]
  • Once WordPress plugin is integrated, the clients development team has the option to further stylize layout, colors, and branding via CSS. 

For Non-WordPress Clients

  • NOTES: For a client not using WordPress and who have their own development team or have access to their preferred software development team, WatchPitch will send the API link and a client specific, unique key for client integration. The client will take the Privacy Coded content, build a page according to their technology stack and display the data accordingly. 
    • WatchPitch will provide the API link to the onboarding client, as well as a unique key allowing the client to pull privacy channel data.



Please send Basic authentication to the API endpoint on request.

Username: [email protected] Password: TtT7711#$

Alternatively, you can send the following request header:

Authorization: Basic Z2FiYnljQGdtYWlsLmNvbTpzWkFQIEhDU2YgcXhISSAyUEdjIHhXRTYgSUNNdHJleXRyZXl0cmV5QGdtYWlsLmNvbTpUdFQ3NzExIyQ=

The JSON response has a few notable fields:

  • Author:[0]
  • Author name: .name
  • Author avatar URL: .acf.profile_picture.sizes.thumbnail
  • Pitch title: .title.rendered
  • Pitch video poster: .better_featured_image.media_details.file
  • Pitch video URL: .acf.s3_video_url (This URL must be prefixed with
  • Pitch description: .acf.summary

Here’s a full PHP example of requesting the API & rendering a list of pitches: