Understanding Keystones of Any Pitch

A pitch is a conversation about what you are passionate about – your business, your idea.

The “keystones” of every pitch are designed to invite your viewer, your listener, your Watcher to want to know more about what you have presented because it now matters, based on seeing your WatchPitch. They are inspired!

Below is a description of the FOUR essential Keystones of your WatchPitch:

1. What If?

This is your invitation to your Watcher to be inspired by imagination, yours and theirs. The business or idea that is fueling your passion is framed in this part of your WatchPitch to point to a near future where because of your idea and business, life is better.


2. The Problem/Challenge

This is where you point to the obstacle that is in the way of that better experience, that better life. Your WatchPitch should point clearly to the challenge that is preventing that from happening.


3. The Solution

This is where you show and tell how your business or idea is solving that problem. Your solution is unique, simple, eloquent, efficient. It also has the promise of a bigger future.


4. The Opportunity

This is when you point to the marketplace, the demand for your business and how your idea and your solution will meet this demand. You invite your Watcher to join with you to meet this demand and be successful, together!


WatchPitch of the Keystones