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Episode 12 – Barrie Barton: Story Choreographer

WatchPitch Podcast: For Start-Ups & Investors
By Trey Scott

Episode 12 – Barrie Barton, Story Choreographer

June 12, 2018

Barrie Barton

My guest today is Barrie Barton, a Story Choreographer, dance educator and Founder of Stand & Deliver Asheville. We caught up with one another at The Collider, a co-working site that was abuzz that day. Barrie offers some presentation tips for every entrepreneur by inviting us all to acknowledge our past as we look to shape the future ahead of us…and do it with this knowledge… in our bones – Let’s discover how she does this for her clients who use to be dancers and who are now, business leaders. You will be inspired – let’s get started!


We learned from Bill the importance of taking that leap, of learning in your discomfort zone and how developing courage, we make all the difference for our business, our teams and in our partnerships whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor

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